Book Chapters

  • “Costas: A Tale of Two Cafés” in Dannabang Kuwabong, ed. Mothers and Daughters. Toronto: Demeter Press, 2017.

  • ‘Promised Land: Quilombismo, the ‘Quilombo Clause,’ and the Politics of Recognition in Contemporary Brazil’ in Nicholas Faraclas, ed. Anansi’s Defiant Webs. Amsterdam: 2011. Reprinted in the Brown Journal of History, 2012.

  • Review of Nelson Maldonado Torres, Against War: Views from the Underside of Modernity in Sargasso: A Journal of Caribbean Literature, Language, and Culture, 2013.

  • “Fugas y Fronteras: The Politics of Inclusion in San Mateo de Cangrejos, A Fugitive Settlement of Afro- Caribbean Slaves in Puerto Rico” in Nicholas Faraclas et al, eds. Transcultural Roots Uprising. Amsterdam: 2013. 

Journal and Online Articles

Acta Científica, a multidisciplinary journal for work in physics, biochemistry, ecology, botany, meteorology, medical sciences, mathematics and psychology

  • "From Forests to the Public Sphere: Promoting Awareness by Expanding Concern." 2019.

New Music Box, a publication from New Music USA


Media Diversified, a platform for critically-informed perspectives on contemporary media


Q.E.D., an Oxford-based publication which reimagines the learning and teaching of mathematics


Faith Initiative, a print publication dedicated to global, interfaith understanding and peace.


Art & Soul, the online publication of The Sanctuaries, a multi-faith arts community in Washington, DC


Repeating Islands, a website for news and commentary of Caribbean culture, literature and the arts


Voices Across Borders, a website based at the Oxford Centre for Research in the Humanities