Priya is a singer who performs and records in a diversity of styles, from classical Western, to semi-classical South Asian, to jazz, to soul, to global(ized) popular music. The music she sings reflects her multicultural upbringing, in that it tends to tell stories which are held in common by people around the world. In sharing her voice, she seeks to encourage people to communicate honestly, gently and sincerely. A firm believer that music can transcend borders, she also wishes for her singing to help build a consciousness of the experiences which link us all. 

Priya performs at a variety of venues, including: a pan-African bookstore and café in Washington, DC; a theater for South Asian and Andalucían music in San Juan, Puerto Rico; interfaith concerts; academic conferences; the occasional Green Festival; and first and foremost, at the edge of the ocean, in a spirit of reverence for the music of the Earth, which far predates our own.