Priya Parrotta is a writer, musician and environmentalist. She is the artist-intellectual behind  Music & the Earth International, an educational resource which fosters environmental consciousness through music

Priya believes in the power of the voice in its myriad forms to connect us to our deepest feelings, and our wishes for the world. She is a multicultural, world citizen with close connections to South Asia, the Mediterranean, and the Americas. 

Priya authored her first book, The Politics of Coexistence in the Atlantic World, when she was twenty-five years old. Her second book is titled To Dream Again: Imagining Island Solidarity Through Music. As both a writer and musician, she seeks to take the themes of encounter, hybridity and creative resistance to new shores. Through her original compositions, she wishes to convey the magic and power that is possible when people embrace their connections to the Earth. 

Priya was educated in History (Colonialism & Globalization) at Brown University, and briefly attended Oxford's School of Geography and the Environment. She was trained in voice by internationally acclaimed opera singer Margarita Castro Alberty, and is a nominee for the 2022 United States Artists Fellowship in Music.